The NFT Fundraiser is LIVE!

“Time Zero” limited series is a unique NFT Fundraiser sale accessible to everybody. An equal opportunity to support the project at a very early stage and later get rewarded for it through AirDrops.


TimeDAO is a platform that provides and maintains a time-locking solution for decentralized applications. These apps are referred to as TimeApps. Thanks to TimeDAO, you can now safely send digital content to the future and be sure it’s received. The platform currently powers two TimeApps. Keep scrolling to discover them!


Place your pictures, videos, messages, music, or any digital file in a storage space that will unlock at a set date and time.


Lock your crypto in a TimeWallet set to open within a few years. Add funds whenever you want like a piggy bank.


More TimeApps will be released as the project evolves. Make sure to subscribe to the newsletter to be notified when new TimeApps are available.


The purpose of TimeDAO is to persist in time.
In order to anticipate coming changes, the project is governed by a DAO
: TimeDAO.
TimeDAO is a Decentralized Autonomous Organization with one exclusive purpose: ensure the technology remains operational. Its mission is to identify the challenges ahead and pilot the necessary adaptations to make sure the service keeps on functioning for decades.


TimeDAO provides a solution to time-lock digital content in a trustless and reliable way. At its core, it is composed of three elements:


Revenue Share

When you make a purchase within our TimeApps, a share of the profits goes to the staking pool as rewards, and the rest helps fund TimeDAO’s operations.

Voting Rights

$TDAO is a governance token. One token equals one vote for the DAO.
The more tokens you own, the more you will be heard in the community.


Thanks to TimeDAO’s very straightforward javascript SDK, developers can now easily integrate its robust time-locking service within their own apps. The SDK is also available on GitHub.