There is nothing more common than sending something from one place to another.
It is so natural we don’t even think about it. But we were not born with the ability to send messages to remote places : there are public services that give us this possibility. Services like the post office, Internet, cellular networks are the infrastructures that make it possible.

What we can’t do up to now though is “send something through Time”, precisely because there is no “Time Post Office”, no public service to easily and reliably store something for the future. 

We believe there should be such a service, we believe it would be a useful and interesting new feature for people at large.  Not something that promises instant wealth or fame, but a new possibility that will give rise to a thousand usages.

This project is resolutely human in its essence. It is not about money, it is about people and what they will do with the technology. We believe that, if widely adopted, this technology and its applications have the potential to enhance people’s life by presenting them with new possibilities when it comes to sharing, to transmitting, to preserving, to remembering… 



It is Christmas 2031, Shawn is playing with the small wooden token he’s been dragging around for ten years now, waiting for this exact moment to arrive. 

When he turned 10, his grandfather gave him that token and told him  to keep it carefully for it was the key to a treasure, one that would open on Christmas ten years from now. The wait is finally over, he enters the credentials engraved on the token and opens his time capsule. Inside he finds pictures, a note from his grandfather, videos and…a crypto wallet. His grandfather didn’t lie, there was indeed a treasure waiting…

This short story illustrates what we aim to enable : the emergence of a range of new applications centered around the concept of time locking, applications like Time capsules, TimeWallets or Crypto saving apps…

For this to happen we’ll provide :

1. A public service dedicated to store and time-lock digital contents trustlessly and reliably.
2. A DAO dedicated to maintain the service through time.
3. A SDK to facilitate the integration of the service in third party applications and help foment an ecosystem of applications based onaround time locking
4. Efficent & reliable ways to store and transmit your time locked assets’ credentials (NFC physical objects,NFTs)



Ludovic Désert

Founder & CEO

David Frisse

Co-Founder & COO

Craig Henderson

Business Developper

Ana de Macedo

Concept Designer

Vishal Sharma

Digital Marketing Manager

Florian de Folleville

UX/UI Lead

Luka Jevremovic

NFT Manager


Asad Zeeshan

ICO Advisor

Yassir Karroute

Blockchain Advisor