happy new year
January 04, 2022

Happy 2022! We wish you the best for this new year!

Looking back, despite the hurdles, 2021 has been quite a rich year for us. When we started the TimeDAO project by the end of 2020, during the lockdowns, we had the desire to create something both new and useful to people as a whole, a public service, trustless and self governed, that could, if correctly run, outlive its founders and give people a new possibility to transmit their memories or their currencies. The first use case was sexy : Time Capsules! We loved the idea, and we started building it on our spare time. A few months later, at the beginning of 2021, we had a prototype up and running. We started assembling a small team, we formulated our vision in a whitepaper, we created the website and started building a community. Since then we talked to dozens of people, we stepped into the game and soon realized we would be needing more funds in order to make this project a reality. In November we decided to launch a NFT fundraiser.

The NFT Fundraiser

The NFT Fundraiser officially ended on December 26, but unfortunately for total lack of efficient marketing, it didn’t yield the result we hoped for.

Some of you complained about the lack of communication and/or marketing around the NFT Fundraiser. We want to apologize for this. We partnered with a young marketing company that was supposed to take care of our social networks and grow the community but they never delivered on their promises and strung us along during weeks. Nevertheless, we have been clearly lacking on that side and we want to apologize once again.

Needless to say, without any marketing the NFT Fundraiser’s soft cap (that is the minimum amount of funds deemed necessary to kickstart the project) has not been reached.

Learn and Adapt

In consequence we decided to postpone the LBP and the token distribution by 6 months. 

During that time we will pursue 2 objectives 

  • Release a freemium TimeWallet 
  • Grow and nurture our community 

We believe in this project. We want to see it succeed and we would be honored if you stayed onboard but we also understand that it is disappointing news and, in case you want out, we are willing to buy back your NFT. Just contact us at info@timedao.org so we can arrange the operation.

For the new Airdrop date of the tokens for NFT holders, visit https://timedao.org/investors

What’s to come : TimeWallet alpha release

We are about to release the alpha version of the TimeWallet.

What is TimeWallet?

TimeWallet is the first TimeApp backed by TimeDAO’s smart contracts.

It allows you to time lock your crypto wallets.
There are many use cases  for such a tool, amongst them  :

  • Diamond Hand : you are betting on the long term but you don’t have the nerves ? You want to hodl like a pro ? Timelock your cryptos for a few months. No more worries
  • Tomorrow’s Money : You want to send your cryptos in the future, betting on the fact that the price will be much higher then. For example, you want to lock 1 BTC and send it 5 years from now. Once locked you know for sure you won’t be selling this BTC, you know that whatever happens, in 5 years you will have 1 BTC. 
  • Crypto Trust Fund : Save cryptos on a locked account for when your children’s reach adulthood.


TimeWallet is in closed alpha for a few months, we will deploy it on the testnet during this coming week and invite our community to play with it. It is a very important phase for us. Although fully functional, TimeWallet’s UX/UI is  still early stage and we will ask the community’s feedback to improve it. The main goal being to release a freemium version of the product in the coming months. More details on that in our next post.

As always, we are available for questions on telegram and now on discord as well. Links below.
Telegram: t.me/timedao_group
Discord: https://discord.gg/g5tbwNdr
David: david.frisse@timedao.org
Ludovic: ludovic.desert@timedao.org