August 15, 2022
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The end of a journey

Dear Community,

It’s been a ride.

It all started with a childhood dream: Time capsules! We loved the idea, we were enthusiastic and feverishly started redacting a whitepaper…
It was October of 2020.

It all went very smoothly and by mid-2021 we had developed the prototypes for the 3 products that we intended to offer, the website was ready and we had assembled a small international team to help promote the ICO: copywriters, SEO experts, ICO director, marketing strategist. It was time to launch the presale!

Unfortunately despite our best effort, we landed far from our initial objective. This counter-performance affected the team’s morale badly and our marketing strategist decided to leave the project.

We then contacted various marketing firms but soon realized the budget needed far exceeded our possibilities.

We gathered our energy, created a series of NFTs, and proceeded to sell them. The NFT Fundraiser was a “hail mary”, its objective was to raise enough funds to pay for the marketing and jumpstart the ICO. But exposure is everything and without it, the fundraiser went largely unnoticed and yielded only 2.1 ETH, a tiny amount compared to what was needed.

We pushed on and reached out to traditional investors but we failed to raise enough interest. After months of interviews and meetings, of missed opportunities also, we were exhausted.

The project was running on the two co-founders’ time and money… after a while we decided to cut our losses, close the project and move on…which brings us to today.

With fairness in mind, we want to refund integrally those who supported us during the NFT fundraiser. If you own one of our NFTs please fill the form at to arrange the refund.

We thank you for your help and encouragement,

The TimeDAO Team